CLOUDSEC 2022 is a call out to engage with the future as a verb. From the context of the present, through the looking glass let’s ‘future it’. The idea is not just to ride the wave, but to create our own by comprehending the direction in which the winds of change will blow.

A year where upcoming strategic technology trends in cloud, security, and digital transformation will be explored, paving the way for implementation. CLOUDSEC 2022 will prepare you for the future digital world order - today.

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Gear-up as we go back to in-person events. Stay ahead of global trends and get regional insights. Converse, connect and collaborate with industry leaders, experts & visionaries and Future IT, together.

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Johannesburg 2nd Nov

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Singapore 20th Oct

Seoul 9th Nov

Taipei 20th Oct

Sydney 18th Oct

map middleeast asean asean asean africa anz

Time-travel to 2030 to compete in the ultimate hacking challenge exploring attack scenarios of the future! Get your team ready to work together to secure the world order!

4 forward-looking themes

Cloud Computing Threats

Blockchain Analysis

OSNT & Reversing

IoT Security

Get ready for 24 hours of non-stop competition

19 October

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